Saturday, February 23, 2008

Math & Science night

Photos from Math & Science Night can be found on Flickr.

We're getting ready to go out to the yarn shop. I actually took the time to get a shower (2nd day in a row) and put on make-up!

I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!

Who knows where those lyrics come from?


Anonymous said...
It is from West Side Story.

Aunt Lori said...

My guess would have been June Clever!

NavyPAO said...

Not only is it West Side Story, but the lyrics actually says, "I feel pretty and witty and GAY."

Shannon said...

Ok. I'm not even going there! *I* knew it was from West Side Story...I copied/pasted the lyrics from the West Side Story site. Steven, I'm not so sure you are right...look again. I think your high school music director might have had some identity issues.

NavyPAO said...

We have it in the video collection. Watch it and you tell me.

"when you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day!!!"