Friday, February 01, 2008

Oh, the luck!

I had to run to Pet Smart today to look about some items for our turtle. Since Michael's is right beside Pet Smart, I figured I might as well stop in there for a quick look, even though I'm not really needing too much in the way of yarn or needles at the moment. The twins were with me so we did a quick circuit around the store and went back to the yarn area. I started eyeing up the bamboo Clover circular needles because my friend Mary has been providing me with some "benevolent enabling" (her words, not mine. My exact words were "peer pressure" hee hee!) in regards to beginning a lace shawl. This one, as a matter of fact. At any rate, the pattern calls for size 8 wooden circular needles, of which I have none. So, while I was at Michael's, I looked at them and thought "Darn. I wish I would have thought to bring my 40% off coupon!" and when I looked down at the lower shelf, there in front of me, was a 40% off coupon that was...still VALID!!! Wooo-hooo!!! You know I snatched up those needles and put them in the cart with the kids about as quick as I could. (And, in all good faith, I looked around to see if the owner was in the next aisle or two, but NO ONE was around!) Sooo...that was my lucky day at Michael's today. Again, wooo-hooo!

No barfing has occurred in our house yet. Everyone seems to be pretty normal today. Still holding out hope that we will not get this stomach virus.

Finished knitting William's scarf around lunchtime today. I still have ends to weave in and I might wash/block the thing. He's not even interested in wearing it now that it's made. "It's too scratchy!" Go figure. Someday he'll wear it and be happy it's made from wool. Someday. When he's going to Penn State. I'll post a photo of it in the next day or two.

That's about all from here for now. Ciao!

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