Sunday, February 10, 2008

More gorgeous weather

We had another BEAUTIFUL day yesterday. Temps are definintely getting a little colder each day...we were in the low 60's with a bit of wind. My dad and I raked the front yard so now the entire yard is complete! No more autumn debris. (well, honestly, there is still some junk by the big hedge but the traffic is so bad along that road, that I'd rather wait for a different day to work on it) I was even able to go around and prune a few bushes and plants...something I wasn't able to accomplish in the fall. I'm starting to look at plant catalogs and think about what I might plant this spring. We have a really bare and shady spot around the front of the house by the kids' bedrooms, so I'm starting to look at plants that would do well there...hostas, lilly of the valley, and such. Can't wait to get started!

No big plans today. My dad just left a little while ago. The kids have completely destroyed the house so I have a bunch of toys to put away...and laundry to put away, too. Kids need baths then this afternoon we are going out to Liudwih's to knit.

Some photos below of the kids building with timbers in the yard. As you can probably guess, there's not much left of the little "garden" beside the house (laundry room area) now. Also, Will got a haircut at Wal-Mart on Friday. The girl cut it a little shorter than I wanted but I guess that's ok because that means I won't have to take him again so soon.


Anonymous said...

I like William's new hair cut. He is handsome. Evan got his hair cut yesterday and I wish they had gone shorter.

sue said...

Can't wait to hear if your dad took the "alternate route" to get home!

Shannon said...

Ash: yeah, I guess it's ok. A little crooked in some spots. Good thing about hair is it will grow again!

Sue: of course he did. He claims it's faster.