Friday, January 25, 2008

You've been warned...

And after I read that, I thought "Ha! Not me. I can do it on my own!" But in all honesty, I did need Delaney's help for just one little bit of the assembly. I probably could have done it all alone but having the second person there made it much, much easier.

Yes, I made an impulse purchase today when I was at K-Mart. Shouldn't have, but I did. And I promise, I'll use it. It's not just another pretty clothes hanger, despite it's location beside the bed that is full of clothes.

And like it says on the box, I bought it "to keep the promise" I made to myself! See???

I love it! 5 tension settings. Adjustable seat, pedals, everything. Under $100! I'd like to build up my leg muscles before real bike season begins in another month or two...and I'm also planning on biking in addition to using my glider. I just need a little more "umph" in the plan. The glider hurts my knees after 30 minutes, so if I can add 10 or 15 more minutes of the bike, I'll be burning fat away like no tomorrow. Only 5 pounds to go and I'll be at my wedding day weight. Groovy...cause that was 10 years ago! Who says old ladies have to be fat? I want to be a hot old chick.

I was so busy today that I almost went insane from it all. K-Mart for school shoes for all 3 kids. Yes, I bought Delaney's when she was at school. It just makes more sense that way because she does not have the option of picking out the shoes and then not wearing them. Now she gets what *I* pick for her. William broke his toothbrush last night (don't ask, I have no idea) so I had to get him a new one of those as well. After K-Mart, it was down the road to the pet store to buy food and fish for Abbey. Then to Food Lion on the way home because we were almost out of milk. Delaney got home around 1:25 and I fed her lunch, finished assembling this bike and then we went over to Ashley's for a little while. Kids played so well together over there that I actually got to KNIT and sit still for awhile! We had a nice time and then it was back home to make dinner. After dinner, V came by to pick up a book for Liudwih and his son played with the kids for a little while. We were going to get together and hang out tonight but I'm just wiped out from William keeping me up last night.

So, kids are finally in bed and "Edward Scissorhands" is on TV. I've never seen it before. I missed the first 10 or 15 minutes of it and it just seems weird to me so I'm probably going to be changing the channel anytime now. Johnny Depp isn't even cute in this movie anyway, so it's pretty much a complete waste of time.

Not sure what's on for the week-end. I bought some zucchini to make zucchini bread so I might cook tomorrow. I didn't get around to my laundry today or the kids' baths so I have that to do as well. It's always something.


Anonymous said...

That is a nice looking bike.

NavyPAO said...

Great job in the weight loss. No doubt your hubbie is extremely proud of the progress you are making. I'd imagine he's going to enjoy the fact that you are becoming even HOTTER than you already are. From the looks of it though, I bet that bike is probably on HIS side of the bed.