Friday, January 25, 2008

I never planned for it to be like this...

William wants a scarf. As everyone knows, I originally thought I'd do it on a loom for quickness and then changed my mind. I thought I'd give you an update on my progress as I never planned for it to turn out this way. I didn't have quite enough blue to make an entire scarf and I'm really trying to use what's in my "stash" (embarrassingly small) before I go out and purchase any more yarn...and besides that, MD Sheep & Wool is coming up in May so I need to save my mad money for that right now. Anyway, when you bleed blue and white, things like this just sort of happen. The current plan is to knit the longest part in white and end again with dark blue.

I had the SHITTIEST night of sleep last night. I finished "The Far Traveler" just before 11 and that's when I heard William start to whine. Went into him and he had to pee so I took him to the bathroom, etc. Got him back in bed and thought he was settled and about 10 minutes later I hear him whining again so I go back into his room to see what's wrong. He says "NOTHING. I'm just TIRED." So, I tell him to be quiet and go to sleep, there's no one keeping him awake. Grrr. I finally start to get drowsy around 12:30 (because he ruined my first round of drowsiness and my whole relaxation routine) and I hear him yell "Mama!" like he's terrified of something. Arrgh. So, I jump out of bed, put on the glasses, turn on my light, go back in there...and he's sound asleep! WTF??? Back into my bed, etc. Sleeping peacefully and I hear him call for me again at 3:00. This time it's whining and "I need to blow my nose!" I get up, help him blow his nose and I'm back to sleep again quickly...thankfully no problems this time. Of course, I start worrying about how tired I'll be in the morning so I tell myself that it is O.K. if I sleep past 7 in the morning, somehow I'll manage to deal with kids and dog when the sun is up...but my body started waking at it's normal time of 6:30ish and I dozed in and out for an half hour but eventually gave up on trying to get back to sleep and just got my ass up and walked the dog at 7 like usual.

7:34 now and I want my coffee. Just realized I didn't make it ahead of time last night so now I have that to deal with, too. See? I told you yesterday - I hate Thursday nights!

Delaney leaves for school in about 2 hours so I soon need to be getting her out of bed to get started on waking up. After she gets on the bus, the twinkies and I are going to have to head over to PetSmart and buy some turt food for Abbey...then back home for lunch and Laney will be home. She has an early-release day today (don't know why they even bother with the pm kindergarten for just 2 hours...ridiculous waste of time if you ask me) and then Ash is coming over with her kids this afternoon to hang out. Another week done. Thank god.

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