Monday, January 28, 2008


I've been remiss on updating my blog this week-end. William and Tinna have colds and have required a bit more attention. I've been knitting like crazy trying to get William's scarf finished. I've also been adding tons of music to my iPod and that really sucks up computer power and time. Besides all of that, there hasn't been much to report on.

Quiet few days here. The big highlight was that I made homemade salsa on Saturday. I originally got this recipe in grad school from my friend Rose S. I never tried making it until now. (Ok, grad school for me was 1993!) The salsa was ok, a good base but definitely lacking as is. The kids LOVED it and gobbled it down because it wasn't spicy. I'll be making it again but first I'm going to do a bit of research into spices to see what I need to add to improve it. If you want the recipe, email or comment and I'll send it to you.

There will be some cute videos on YouTube later today. The kids were a bit funny this week-end and I caught some of it on tape. Some photos below as well.

Photos: Kids enjoying the salsa. Tinna posing. William being goofy (look for this video on YouTube - hilarious!). William got into Tinna's lippy and used way too much. Delaney dressed up as a princess but Ash and I thought she looked more like a hooker. We had a good laugh at her expense.


Anonymous said...

That was so funny. All she needed to do was put on her black boots and she would be "hookin". LOL! So, the twins do have colds that stinks.

Shannon said...

"I'm hookin' Mommy! I'm hookin'!" BWAHAHAHA! The Princess Hooker Diaries. Sounds like a good title for a porn flick. =)

Anonymous said...

LMAO! That is so funny!