Saturday, January 19, 2008

Real snow!

I need to start this post by saying Liz from FL called me last night to tell me there was 100% chance we would get snow tonight starting at 9 pm. I basically told her I thought that was shit and she should call me at 9 pm and see what was going on here at my house. Well, now I have had to eat my words and call her at 5 pm because it started snowing around 4 pm!!! So far, there's not much accumulation but the weather dudes say temperatures will drop below freezing tonight and we might see 1-3 inches of snow. Not enough to make a snowman, but enough for the kids to get the idea of what snow really is...which kind of sucks because this is a big wet snow and would be PERFECT for snowman making!

Big busy day today. Went out to VA Beach with my friend Liudwih. I picked her up around 12:30 and we started discussing where to eat lunch. "I don't care, you decide." "No, really, it doesn't matter to me. YOU decide." and on and on. Two pisces girls (we even share a birthday!) trying to make a decision...and a car full of pisces kids. We ended up at Friendly's, mostly because of the kids, but it was a nice lunch, altough a bit long as the service wasn't the best and everything took FOREVER. After lunch, we went to a little Indian market called "Taj Bazar" where I picked up some frozen pakoras, spices to grind my own garam masala, anise tea, and some white musk and patchouli incense (two different kinds, not mixed together).

From Taj, we headed out to The Heritage, which brands itself as "The Most Amazing Holistic Department Store in the Country". That was a nice place and if I wouldn't have had the kids with me, I would have looked around for hours upon end. Definitely will go back without kids one day soon. At Heritage, I picked up some Greek yogurt, tri-coloured pasta, and 3 "organic" called 'Hobgobblin' from Wychwood Brewery in England. Had that tonight with dinner and it was pretty tasty although not as dark as I'd hoped it would be. As we walked out of Heritage, we realized it was beginning to snow and that's when we headed back home. I dropped Liudwih off at her house and got back to mine as it was getting dark. We all walked the dog but half-way up the street, Delaney started complaining that she was too cold and came back inside.

It's 9 pm now and the kids are in bed but the girls are having trouble settling down. I guess from the excitement of the day. Tinna and William both slept from Heritage almost all the way home, so perhaps Tinna isn't quite sleepy yet. I don't know but all I want is to have a nice, peaceful night with my BritComs. 'Last of the Summer Wine' is just starting and as it is my favourite, I'm going to sign off for now. (Compo wants to build himself a hang-glider - this is an old episode from 1979 and while I like the newer LOTSWs better, the old ones are just as funny...they just don't have as many outdoor shots of the Yorkshire dales and THAT is what I really love) A photo below of the kids in the snow. Unfortunately, Delaney was inside. I have a few videos to upload to YouTube (wiltinrose37) but I think they are going to be quite dark.


liz said...

Thank you! Its the next best thing to being there. Yall should make snow ice cream! I'll be looking foward to more pics tomorrow!

NavyPAO said...

You can make baby snowmen or maybe even teenage snowmen with the size of your yard!