Sunday, January 20, 2008

More on the snow...

I know all of you folks who live in cold places are thinking "Enough about the snow already. What's the big deal anyway?" It's a big deal to us because we are originally from the northeast and grew up with lots of good snow in the winter and we want our children to experience the fun it can bring. We had some snow when we lived in Iceland but since that time, we've lived in FL and CA and our twins have never seen snow. Delaney saw it in Iceland but cannot remember that far back. SO...snow is very exciting in this house!

Alas, last night's snowfall was a big disappointment. It left virtually nothing on the ground. I was up to walk the dog around 7:10 this morning and it was just beginning to flurry again when we were out. The flurries of that one hour left more for us than whatever fell during the entire night last night! But the kids went out to play anyway. Delaney kept yelling "I think there's enough to make a snowball!" (there wasn't) Everyone had fun slipping and sliding up the slide in the backyard. There was a thin layer of ice under the 1/4" of snow...and that provided a bit of fun for them.

I was talking to Ash last night and said "Well, my neighbor said when the circus comes to town, we'll get snow." I had seen an ad on TV for the circus so I thought they were here...but they're not! Ash told me they are coming in we still have a chance for another snow! This one was just a teaser!!! Wooo-hoo!!!

Today's a quiet day at home. All chances of snow are over. There is blue sky and sun everywhere...can't say I'm sad...I need a sunny day today. My mood has been spiraling downward due to various disappointments I've had lately. I'll definitely be doing some cardio this afternoon (this has seemed to help control my depression a bit), toasting my garam masala spices and grinding them, then cooking palak paneer for my dinner tonight. I also need to tidy the house as it's gotten a bit out of control again. Kids will be getting long baths, playing playdoh, and who knows what else. William has been asking me to play a game with him for a few days now so I'm going to do that, too. And that's it.

Oh, and there will be new videos from this morning on YouTube in awhile. (wiltinrose37)

Here are photos from this morning.


liz said...

Sorry I got us all worked up over that little bit. MSN weather fooled me with their Winter Storm Warnings. I should know better with all the hurricane warnings we get that bring a nice breeae.
Mabey next time!

liz said...