Monday, January 21, 2008

Oooh, Skinny Cow!

Quiet day here and cold as heck. Kids are still nutters and played outside for at least 2 hours today. I managed to get up off the couch (and away from the computer) long enough to tidy rooms and vacuum but that's where I stopped. Didn't dust, didn't really cook, either. PB&J for lunch, leftover tri-coloured pasta for dinner. I made some pakoras for myself for lunch and had a small bit of my paneer cheese with it. I did my cardio this afternoon and afterwards put on a previously taped episode of "Yoga Zone" but it wasn't very relaxing as the kids wouldn't leave me alone. At least I did it, though...I was so cold in the house today I seriously thought about skipping the workout all together. Glad I didn't because now it's another day done that I don't have to feel guilty about. By the way, has anyone else discovered "Skinny Cow" ice cream sandwiches? 140 calories and 97% fat free. Now when I want ice cream at night, I can eat one of these and I don't have to feel as bad as when I sit down and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's! (Because you KNOW I cannot stop with just a spoonful or two!) Check out their can look at the "Cowculator" and compare different snack foods. And to think I almost took the kids to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast this morning. 264 calories for one glazed donut. ONE DONUT! ONE! That's crazy bad for you. Good thing I stuck to my oatmeal.

Tomorrow kids are all in school. (See me jumping up and down?!) We need some fresh fruit in the house so after we drop the twins at the Y, Delaney and I have to head to Kroger or Food Lion since the Commissary will be closed in observance of MLK Jr Day. Yes, the official holiday was today, but see, the Commissary is weird in that Monday is their normal day to be closed, so if they work tomorrow, then they will not have had the holiday. So, anytime there is a holiday on Monday, the Commissary closes and it's a big pain in the ass for the rest of us. 'Cause, really, by Tuesday, I'm needing some groceries in the house!

Not sure how I'll spend my hour alone tomorrow...I might do Yoga again...I'm trying to get into the routine to do it while I'm all alone for the simple reason that I cannot relax when the kids are here and that's kind of the point of doing it. I also need to clean the turtle tank tomorrow and no forgetting or procrastinating on it. It's truly disgusting. Have I ever said how much I hate this f'ing turtle? I'm not a fan of salmonella carrying critters. Sorry.

So, that's my wrap up for tonight and now I'm going to walk the dog and head to bed...hopefully to be warm and dream happy dreams!

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