Thursday, January 17, 2008

One misty-moisty-morning

I learned how to upload videos to YouTube. See my twins fighting here on YouTube. If I get time later, I'll add one of Delaney playing her glockenspiel. Are you impressed with my technological skills yet? Scarrrry!

It's been a rather quiet day. Gray, raining, cold. Took the twinkies to school, picked up some ingredients for tonight's dinner (already in the crockpot and if it's good, I'll review it tomorrow), got Delaney on the bus and did a 20 minute 'Power Yoga' session with my friend and yours, Denise Austin. [insert big cheesy grin and cheerleader attitude here - "C'mon, I KNOW you can do it!"] I just finished washing up some dishes and am about to get one of the twins into the bathtub and then I'll do 30 minutes of cardio. Ooooh my god is this the funnest day or what?!?!

More another time, I have things to do! Go look at my kids killing each other. Do it. NOW!


NavyPAO said...

Keep up with the exercises and I bet your hubbie won't be able to keep his hands off you.... Oh wait, I hear he can't now! Keep up the good work anyway.

Shannon said...

Yeah, he's pervy like that. There are days I have to beat him off with a know, because I'm oh-so-hot already. Ha!

NavyPAO said...

Well, the cheese making pics were kinda hot!

Anonymous said...

Get a room! ;)

Shannon said...

Hey, I am not called "Smut" for nothin'!