Monday, January 07, 2008

More iPod...

This will probably be a short post. Not too much going on...the kids are drawing at the moment and I have a ton of cleaning to do. Because it has been so cold lately, the kids have been stuck in the main part of the house as the garage/playroom has been way too cold for them to play there is kid-shit everywhere you can see. Temps yesterday were great - mid-60s, I tried to persuade the kids to play out but they wouldn't. They did play in the playroom, though, and I was glad for a bit of quiet and time to myself. I turned on my iPod and got out my Gazelle and went to town...this iPod has completely turned around my workout! Wow, did I have a great one yesterday. I'm even looking forward to working out again this afternoon. How often have I ever said that??? The changes in diet seem to be working and I'm feeling healthier. I hope I can keep it up. I always do well for about 3 weeks and then fizzle know, just when I begin to see any sort of physical results.

Plans for today: errands. Post office, Wal-Mart (Delaney actually wants me to get a blanket sleeper for her and Henry needs dog food), and bookstore if the kids can hold it together that long.

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