Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hello Kitty!

Last Friday night I was at Ashley's and her sister Kaysea was starting on a Hello Kitty washcloth. She showed me the pattern and we looked at some other photos of Hello Kitty together on Ravelry. I ended up ordering this pattern for $2. I bought some cotton yarn when I went to Wal-Mart on Monday and started it late in the afternoon yesterday. I have only 13 rows left and my first one will be finished. Very easy knit and fun, too! I'm sure I'll be making at least 6 of these as birthday gifts in the near future. One thing I don't like is that I used a varigated yarn because that is what Tinna picked out and there wasn't a solid pink available. So, these first two will be varigated and I don't think the actual Kitty will show very well. I'll have to make it to Michael's or Joann's before starting any others.

I wasn't going to blog at all today as I didn't have much to write about tonight. It's been a busy day but very mundane. Took the twins to school, Delaney and I went for some groceries. I got her on the bus and spent my hour alone putting away the rest of the Christmas decorations and getting a start on cleaning up the house. (The girls' room is still SERIOUSLY out of control. I'm to the point where I cannot stand to walk in there so maybe tomorrow I'll dump everything onto their floor and start sorting it out.) I picked up the kids at school, we came home and had lunch, blah blah blah. They actually played outside for hours today. I think our temperatures were close to 70F. The neighbor came over to ask me if my dog had barked at all last night because one of his cars had been broken into. He said nothing was stolen but it was obvious that the person(s) went through his glovebox and left a mess in the car. I asked if the car itself was damaged and he said no "because it's always unlocked". Well, DUH. There's your problem. So, no, of course my dog hadn't heard anything...because there wasn't much to hear!

Really, that was the big highlight of my day. Until about 10 minutes ago when I opened up my Yahoo email and there was a message from Sue's cell phone. She's in Miami right now and has obviously visited the Hard Rock Cafe. Look at what she sent to me...

Stevie's shawl from "Gold Dust Woman". I wonder how many of these things she actually has...because she wears one just like this when she performs the song at her shows. Too cool! Thanks, Sue!


Ulrike said...

I really love this song and still listen regularly to 'Rumours'. It was, if I remember correctly, the first LP I bought.
Looks like I have gotten a lot older since then. *g*

Shannon said...


We might be very close in age! I have loved Stevie Nicks since I was a child in the 1970's but in the past 10 years my obsession has really taken over. My license plate reads "NIX ROX" and so far I've seen her in concert twice. (And 'Rumours' is still the BEST Fleetwood Mac album ever!!!)