Thursday, January 24, 2008

Before and after...

I'm sitting here watching BBC America's "How Clean is Your House?" and thanking the gods I'm a better housekeeper than most of the people on this show. Disgusting. Mouse droppings in the stove, "detritus everywhere" (don't want to think about that), stuff in every single inch of the house. Ick. Even my kids yell "that's disgusting" while they watch it. So...I thought maybe I'd post some "Before and After" photos of our worst room. These were both taken today. My only defense, is it's a kids playroom and I have a spot for everything. I can get it cleaned up in 15 minutes if need be. That's about all it took me before I collected the twinkies at school. And now you know how I spent part of my hour alone today! (The other part was spent putting away groceries)

Busy day...groceries, kids to and from school, cleaned playroom and bedrooms, did my workout. Now I'm sitting here waiting for Laney's bus to get here...tonight is my worst night of the week...Kindermusik...not because I dislike the classes but because it makes the night so disjointed with the running back and forth and trying to fit in dinner and homework. I am never as happy to see 7pm as I am on Thursday nights!

Delaney has an early release day tomorrow and she's off on Monday. It looks like it's going to be a cold and rainy couple of days...don't know how we will spend our week-end. I've invited Liudwihand V to hang out with us as they also have a 6 y.o. that Delaney likes to play with (and I love them, too, don't get me wrong - it's not always about the kids). I'm really hoping they'll come. Liudwih and I can cook...and drink...and I won't have to worry about driving or having to stay sober. are my "Before and After" photos. Ha!

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Laura said...

That is some impressive cleaning up!