Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hellllo, Addi Turbo!

I made a start on William's scarf last night and, as always, I didn't have the exact size needles the pattern calls I substituted with the closest pair available to me. In this case, a circular set of Addi Turbo that I bought for some now forgotten pattern and never used. (Now that I think about it, I think I got them for my Pel sleeves and just haven't gotten there yet) Anyway, WOW...I cannot believe the difference between these and my Susan Bates and Wright's sets! Hands down, Addi's are smoother, quicker, and light as a feather. The other needles feel like lead balloons in comparison. If I could afford it, I would NEVER knit with anything else again! Too bad they are so bloody expensive. Once again, I say, "God Bless the Germans"!

Quiet day today. The plans are: put away laundry, change sheets, vacuum, and dust. That's it. I thought maybe we would walk over to the playground at Delaney's school but we'll have to wait until later for that. It's very gray and about 20 degrees colder today. Maybe it will warm up just a tad by this afternoon so we can get out of the house a bit.

So, below are the photos. The beginnings of William's scarf and Delaney's finished washcloth. William's scarf is a simple K4, P4 ribbing for 6 rows and then switch to P4, K4. That gives it a checkerboard look. I was originally going to do this 52" Scarf Pattern but after the first 5 rows, I decided to switch it up for added interest (ie, mine). I also don't know if I have quite enough dark blue yarn for a complete 52" so I'm probably going to use a medium-blue shade as a stripe in the middle of the whole thing...or maybe two stripes...I haven't quite decided yet although I probably should do so pretty soon! Delaney's washcloth was a big disappointment. I don't think I messed up anywhere but the top of the kitty head looks very funky, and not funky in a good way. I definitely like Tinna's pattern better and I've promised Delaney a new washcloth in a solid colour so she can see the kitty better.

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