Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Can you see the kitty?

A few photos but not much substance for you tonight. Busy day...Ash was over and we knitted for a few hours. Then the twins and I went to Wal-Mart again (because the other Wal-Mart didn't have our brand of dog food on Monday). I love these washcloth patterns so much, I loaded up with a few different coloured skeins of yarn so I can make more. Too fun! At this particular Wal-Mart there was a TON of Christmas stuff marked down to 75% off original price so I picked up a few things. Mainly William and Tinna picked out their very own stockings and now all 3 kids have something very individual to hang by the chimney. Of course I didn't forget Delaney...I picked up a "Hannah Montana" lip gloss set for her for $1 (Christmas price $4.88!) so now all evening I have been yelling at her to stop putting on lip gloss! She is going to be a glam girl, I just know it. She is constantly telling me what kind of make-up she is going to buy when she is "all grown up".

Also, late this afternoon, I boiled up some fish stock and now have enough in the freezer to make about 5 batches of my "Creamy Icelandic Fish Soup". Tomorrow I'm doing chicken stock and I guess we'll probably have chicken soup for dinner...or something like that.


A walk in the yard on Monday showed me that my daffodils are confused and already trying to bloom, Hello Kitty washcloth, twins' new stockings...sooo cute! The little oval at the top of Tinna's is a place to insert a photo.


Laura said...

This weather has been nuts!

The dishcloth is really cute.

Heidi said...

This has nothing to do with your current blog, however the stockings are cute. I did want you to know that I read your blog on often a keep up with you and your family. We have not forgotten your family. So the reason I have written you is I wanted to tell you about Mark living in Ikea. You must see it online. I belive the site is I thought you would like this. Please enjoy. Love Heidi