Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thrifty find

Ooooh, I'm super excited about this one!

A jewelry cabinet. CHKD Thrift Shop. $8.95. It's a little banged up at the bottom corner but pretty much in good shape. I've been eyeing up wall-mounted jewelry cabinets for a few months now but cannot stomach the $200-300 that the companies are asking for them, so when I saw this, I snatched it up. It's smaller than what I am looking for because there's not a place for earrings but I think it will do nicely for my rings and necklaces. It appears that it was designed to sit on the top of a dressing table (think old black and white movies, women applying make-up and primping to look beautiful for their men!) because there is a bracket of some sort on the back...but nothing that a small screwdriver won't fix. I'm thinking to remove the two knobs on the sides, plug the holes, paint this white and hang it in my closet or on the bathroom wall. Cute, cute, cute.

The twinkies had their holiday party at school today. It was very mellow and they had a good time. Grammy made new Christmas dresses for Delaney and Tinna and they wore those to school today. I have photos of Tinna in hers but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for Delaney's. She has a performance at school tonight so I'll take some photos then. The dresses arrived just in time! We've been stopped everywhere we go because the girls look so cute. Delaney said "Even a teacher I don't know stopped me and made me spin around for her because she loved my dress so much!" Awwww. Thank you, Grammy!

I just finished blowing the leaves out of the front yard again. This time I used the mulcher to see how that would do. It just seemed to add extra time onto the task. I think it's easier and quicker just to get them into a pseudo pile and then rake them onto the sheet and drag them into the woods myself. I still have 1 big pile out there that I need to tidy up before too long...I saved it for Delaney to jump in but she doesn't want to change out of her dress! Go figure.

So, that's my day so far. More later! Here are today's photos...

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