Friday, December 14, 2007

Laundry day...

Not much going on around here today besides laundry...I'm still a bit sick with a sore throat and it's getting me down. The kids seem like they are getting sick AGAIN. Why can't we get over this??? I guess it's better for them to be sick now rather than in another week when my dad and Kathy are here or the next week when Aunt Sue is here! But it is truly depressing me and I just want healthy, happy kids again. And I want to feel better, too!

After lunch I went to Kroger for milk and bread. I came away with a lot more. I found some cute tins to give as gifts. One is a Santa tin to add to our own Santa collection. Each year we try to find a unique Santa. Last year it was a gourd Santa. You can see a photo below of the one I picked up today. (At 33% off, I might add!) While I was at Kroger I went down the tea/coffee aisle in search of my Indian Spice tea luck...but I did find a tea my friend Mary recommended to me "Licorice Spice" by Stash Tea. Yummy! It's herbal and has no caffeine so I could probably get in the habit of drinking it in the evenings and feel no ill effects from know, like sleeplessness. Lord knows I don't need any of that these days.

Anyway, we have a party to go to at our neighbor's tomorrow night. It doesn't even start until 7:30 so I doubt we will stay long due to the kids needing to get to bed and all of that. My plan is to make creamy Icelandic fish soup and fresh bread.

Below are a few photos. Delaney and her best friend at school...taken after their performance last night. A stocking Delaney made in class. The new Santa tin. Candy cane "candles" the twinkies made at school this week. Isn't the Santa head quite macabre looking? Like Santa's been decapitated or something. Good thing his brains are made of mini-Toblerone candy bars!

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