Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Drixoral = Enemy

Drixoral is the enemy. Seriously. It is Satan incarnate. I took one last night around 11 and I'm *still* feeling the effects of it now. I woke up all woozy and have been nothing but a lazy sloth today, smothered by this heavy feeling of Drixoral body buzz. THIS is why I suffer through colds without many medicines. I just hate this feeling and it takes forever to wear off. Somehow I managed to find the energy to bathe Delaney before she left for school. Then I made the white chocolate party mix for the gifts for the kids' teachers as tomorrow are all of the holiday partys and such and it's the last day of school for the twinkies until January - but as soon as it was done, I was back on the couch and trying desperately to sleep while the twinkies were plugged in. You know it didn't happen - no matter how hard I tried. We ate lunch around 12:30 and then went off to the post office to send out a few things and then to Farm Fresh to renew my search for Yogi Tea's "Classic Indian Spice"...which I can now find NOWHERE. I ended up with Yogi Tea "Redbush Chai"...but it's caffeine free so not sure what good it could do me during my sleepy afternoons.

At any rate, enough of my whining and crying about being sick. It's close to 80F here today (is it really December???). The twins are getting their baths this afternoon since their music class has been moved to tonight. I have no clue what I'm feeding anyone for dinner but it needs to be something easy. Maybe it will be Spaghetti O's. Pitiful.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we had a pair of cardinals eating on the ground yesterday at sunset. They are just gorgeous. I've been sprinkling some extra food just for them and they finally stopped by! I also bought a small birdbath last week-end (it is heavier than my new leaf blower!) and I saw a bird drinking from it today, too, so that made me happy to know it wasn't purchased in vain.

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