Monday, December 17, 2007


The girls and I are completely loving "Hairspray" (the 2007 movie version with John Travolta as the mother) right now. I dvr'd it Saturday night and started watching it yesterday while I was using my Gazelle glider. Delaney came up from the playroom about 30 minutes into it and loved the music so she stayed, I finished working out and we watched the rest of it together with the twins eventually joining us. Of course they don't understand the race issues but they luuuve to watch the dancing and are now humming some of the songs. I'm thinking I'll soon be needing to purchase the soundtrack!

I had a completely HORRIBLE moring getting Delaney ready for school. It was 40F here at 10:45 and she was giving me grief because she wanted to wear her poncho which is nothing better than a glorified sweater. It was inappropriate for today's temperatures and I told her she needed to wear her coat. You would have thought I said I was throwing away her toys or something. Crying, screaming, it ended with me trying to wrestle her into her coat...she wasn't having it and she was hitting and kicking me...I couldn't even get it on her. I shoved it into her backpack, refusing to give in on the whole poncho thing. The bus came down the street and she was still crying hysterically. I took her hand to take her to the bus and she started crying, backing away from the bus and saying she wasn't going to school and she wasn't taking her coat. I had to pick her up and PUT her on the bus. Of course once the driver started talking to her she began to calm down, but man, was I ever upset to see her leave me in a state like that. I came back inside on the verge of tears myself and called Liz because I needed girlfriend back-up telling me I did the right thing by not caving. Man. So, I'm waiting for her to get home now. I can only hope our evening goes smoother than the morning or I might just have to go on a bender tonight. I'm planning to trim nails and am offering polish as a sort of peace treaty, but really, I think she (Delaney) is getting sick again. She peed the bed last night and had a runny nose this morning. Even Tinna said she thinks she's getting sick again. Great. I wonder if quarrantine would help??? Is there anyone out there who would volunteer to get my groceries, put them on my front steps, ring the doorbell, and run?

We've had lots and lots of birds at the feeders today. I found this great site while looking for bird photos this morning. So far I've determined that we have: dark-eyed juncos, carolina wrens, chickadees, cardinals (occasionally), mourning doves, and purple finches (these are quite pretty). I'm really thrilled that the birds are using the birdbath. I'll try to get some photos of that when I can. I'm hoping to soon get a big platform feeder out there and then we'll see if those idiot cardinals will like me better than the neighbor!

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