Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The birds

No, I'm not talking about the Alfred Hitchcock movie, either. Our birds. In our yard. I'm doing (another) experiment. This morning when I went out to re-fill the feeders, I also put out some peanuts and some dried bread cubes that I made from the leftover multi-grain bread I had from the party Saturday night. Of course about 30 minutes after I put the bread out, Henry had to go out and I think he managed to Hoover all of the bread I put on the ground and the bread in the low feeder, so, that shoots that, but there's still a little in the "cat" feeder on the fence. I haven't seen squirrels today. I wonder if it is too cold for them? I usually chase them off but with it being so cold, I thought they might come and eat the peanuts. The small birdbath was frozen since it was only 29F when I got up this morning. I managed to "melt" the block of ice with fresh water and I noticed a bird drinking a little while ago.

It's been a quiet morning. I had a few gifts to wrap up for Delaney's school party, which is being held on Thursday. I called Ash because I haven't spoken to her in weeks and the doorbell rang in the middle of that. Delaney was doing a puzzle at the kitchen table and I allowed her to work a little too long...we were late getting ready for school, but I managed to not scream today and I feel good about that. I had to throw her lunch together fast because I completely FORGOT to get that ready and it was 10:50 and that's usually when her bus comes down the street...we got it done in the nick of time and she was happy today when she went to school. Phew! So...now the twinkies are sitting here eating apples and watching Barney. I'm just trying to have an easy, quiet day, and hopefully try to kick this cold a bit. I have a Yule swap gift to get in the mail but I think I will plan to do that and a stop at the pet store tomorrow. I really don't feel up to running around today.

Some photos...the new birdbath, the experiment feeder (yes, the fairy house has become a low feeder now!), the feeding stations in the yard (it's difficult to get a good photo of this area due to the screens on our windows), beautiful eyes, twins playing Leapster together this morning.

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