Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mama's gift

After the past rotten few days we've had, Delaney came home from school yesterday very excited and happy. "I have a gift for you and you can't look at it!!! I have to put it under our tree." She ran into the house and did so before I could see (not that I wanted to, why spoil the surprise). I tried to convince her that I should open it on Christmas but she insisted that I open it immediately. Below are photos. My gift is a calender, artwork provided by Delaney. Beautiful and heart-warming. Sweet girl.

Quiet night last night. Had a long chat with Mo. Walked the dog around 10. In bed and lights out before 11. I even fit in some reading time but I can't say I worked on either knitting project at all. Right now I'm focusing again on Tinna's scarf. It's been cold this week and she keeps asking me for it so I'm trying to bang it out quickly. Then back to my Pel. Then a pair of socks. I just received my order from KnitPicks - sock sampler in cool colours (enough yarn for *6* pairs of socks!) and a book called "Getting Started: Knitting Socks", I've made the commitment to doing socks next. I'm terrified but with the help and emotional support of my knitting partners around here and online friends, I think I'll manage to get through it!

In the news, JK Rowling was named a runner-up in Time's "Person of the Year 2007". You can read the article about her here.

Photos from yesterday's gifting of the Mama.


Aunt Lori said...

As an educated graphic artist, I can't help but critique Delaney's wonderful depiction of a typical day in the life of the Mavicas. She must have drawn this the day you threw her on her school bus, half naked in 40-degree weather, because your face is as red as a firecracker!

Shannon said...

Gosh, it must be sooo nice to be a perfect parent to only ***1*** child. Bet your face is NEVER red! LOL. (I was going to write "F*** YOU" but seeing that I really try to control my language on my blog, I decided against it. I'll say it to you in person next time I see you, ok?)

Laura said...

Yay for knitting socks! You will get hooked. =) I found that the videos at definitely helped when I got confused on the gusset/grafting the toes. Good luck!

Rose said...

Tell Delaney that I bet the calendar is the best present of all this Christmas! I like her dress that her Grandma made, and the cute striped tights too.
You'll be receiving your Christmas photo soon--thanks for inspiring me to get around to it!
A woman a work makes those socks and they are SO CUTE!
I hope you're ALL feeling well now...

NavyPAO said...

The January drawing makes me sad. She forgot Daddy.