Monday, November 05, 2007

So...Ash came over today to watch the kids while I went to the conference with Delaney's teacher. It lasted, literally, 5 minutes. Delaney is a good girl, she's bright, she scored well (very well) on her PALS tests. Etc, etc. My appointment was at 10:45 and I was back home by 11...and I walked to and from the school!

All of the kids played for quite awhile but it's been a rough day. My kids were fighting a lot and just picking on each other constantly. Ugh. I'm worn out already. This time change has really gotten to all of us. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. I'm planning to take them over to the playground at Delaney's school so they can run and play away from home for awhile.

I pulled out my Knifty Knitter loom while Ash was here. I've had a shawl on it since before we left California. It was finished, I just needed to crochet it off. I got that done and decided to not put fringe on it. It's made from Lion Brand Suede (very soft) and Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair, which is shimmery and reflects the light. You can see a photo of it on my Flickr account. I also started on Tinna's scarf today (on a small loom)...I've been promising her one ever since I made her hat last winter. That is going well and quick...hopefully I'll have that done in the next day or two.

My friend Sharon will be here on Friday and spend the week-end with us. I don't know what we'll get up to yet but I'm sure it will be fun. Sharon and I have been friends since the 7th grade. We hated each other when we first met (there was a locker issue and a big mouth-fight) but we've been good friends since the end of that year. I'm excited for her to get here.

Oh, I had a small crisis this evening. I was putting some food through the garbage disposal and the entire sink backed up. Yay. I called Ash and spoke to Patrick. He suggested opening the P-trap and draining/cleaning that out. I couldn't get the square plug open so I ended up calling "Mr Harry" from up the street...he came down and looked at it. He plunged it a bit while I held the opposite side closed...not much of that and it was free. Thank heavens for good neighbors. Oh, and he fixed my bike earlier in the week, too! He so reminds me of my grandfather Schlosser. Very calm and willing to help people. He's also from PA so we talk about that sometimes.

SO, that was my day. It's almost 8 now and time to get kiddos in bed. I allowed them to stay up and watch "Dora Saves the Mermaid Kingdom" but William has been really obnoxious so it's definitely time for bed!

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