Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Darn boring post about a darn boring day!

Oh my gosh, what a darn boring day! All my plans for going to the playground got washed away around 7:30 a.m. when the rain started. I fed the kids about an hour after that and then each one got a bath alone for as long as he/she wanted. While they played in the bath, I dusted my entry hallway and cleaned up the front room a bit. Gross. Kids tried to play "Snakes and Ladders" but they still don't have the patience to sit through a whole game of it. All of that wasted most of the morning. After baths and playing, we had lunch.

Around 1:30, I put a big plastic tablecloth on the kitchen floor. I went upstairs and got out Playdoh and all the toys that go along with it. You would have thought it was Christmas at our house. My kids don't get Playdoh very often (there are too many kids and they make a HUGE mess...not to mention the fights over the rolling pin and other items in the box) so it's always a big treat when I get the stuff out. Kids played well together until about 4:00 when I started cleaning up so we could go walk the dog and...

have dinner at McDonald's! Grammy and Pappy sent some McDonald's Bucks to the kids for Halloween...what a great idea. I only had to fork out $1.55 for dinner tonight...and they got to play in the play area for an hour as well. Everyone was happy after that.

I fired up the vaporizers tonight when we got home. I've had the heat on all week and Delaney is starting to get a dry patch on her cheek already. Her skin is so sensitive to dryness. I hope the vaporizer helps. She doesn't want to put cream on it because "I don't like wetness" (Same reasoning she uses to not wash her hands!)

I'm about 1/3 or more through Tinna's scarf. Looming goes fast and I think that is why I like it so much...besides the fact that it's super easy and all I have to do is e-wrap and lift the stitches off the peg!

Well, that's about all for today. Delaney is back to school tomorrow (thank goodness!) and then only 2 days until Sharon gets here!

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Anonymous said...

Not liking wetness? And this is the kid who is a regular fish in the pool or at the beach???