Monday, November 19, 2007

Poor Delaney

Just when I thought the kids might be getting over this cold or whatever crud it is they have, Delaney gets off the bus saying she doesn't feel very well. I touched her forehead and she was HOT. We came inside, I took her temperature and she was 103F! Wow. So, into pajamas she went...I didn't even make her do her homework. She asked to play on the computer for awhile and I allowed it. She wrapped up in her big Hello Kitty blanket, had some hot apple cider and a snack and enjoyed her time alone upstairs playing PBS Kids, Playhouse Disney, and Star Doll. Thankfully the Motrin I gave her was working and by bedtime, her temperature was under 100F. Still, it kind of throws a wrench into my day tomorrow and possibly into the rest of the week. Tomorrow the twinkies are supposed to have their Thanksgiving "feast" at school...that starts at 11 so my plan was to make a quick run to the Commissary with Delaney in tow, then put her on the bus at 10:50 and then go straight over to the YMCA from there. Now I'll have to play it by ear or resign myself to taking a sick kid along. Also, we'll have to cancel our Thanksgiving if she gets really sick. I'm expecting at least 8 people at my house for a meal. Maybe this will be a one off thing and she'll be fine by then. (fingers crossed but I don't have much faith in this theory) One good thing, if we are all sick on Thursday, we can sit in front of the tv together and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...and enjoy it! I won't have to be running around like a stressed out lunatic!

My dinner tonight was pretty good. I had a frozen Palak Paneer (Tandoor Chef brand), which I baked and then put over jasmine rice. Yummy. The "kick" was perfect. Not too spicy and not too mild. I'll definitely be buying more of those again! The poor kids were stuck with Spaghetti-Os and Ravioli-Os.

That's about it for now. I'm off to veg with my knitting in front of the tv until 10 and I SWEAR I'm going to bed early tonight. I promise. My lights will be out before midnight tonight!!!

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