Saturday, November 24, 2007

My daughters amaze me...

I just finished changing sheets on the kids' beds. Both Delaney and Tinna are out of control with the cuddlies. Delaney throws such a fit about having her bed messed with, that I have to try to slide the new sheet under the old sheet WITHOUT moving any animals or dolls! And she's on the top bunk, so I have to climb up there and do it while *I'm* sitting on the bed, too!!!

Here's the run down on Tinna's bed...

1 unicorn (I debated whether this fit into the "horse" category or not)
1 wolf pup (Again, I debated whether this fit into the "dog" category)
3 cats (this surprises me as I think there are quite a few more around)
3 horses
4 teddy bears
4 "other" (bunnies or things won from machines - I can not determine their species)
8 babies (soft or hard body with face, except for Molly from "The Big Comfy Couch" who is all soft but still a baby)

Here's the kicker...*17* dogs of various sizes and breeds. The child loves dogs. Dogs, dogs, dogs.

Add them all up and that's 41 cuddlies in her bed! 41! 41!!! Some children are lucky to have one or two. My child has 41. In her bed. And that's not counting the cuddlies in the other two bins. If I had 41 cuddlies in my bed, I think I'd have nightmares.

Productive day so far. We had breakfast then went to Kroger's for milk and bananas. Headed to the library - the kids picked out some books and I picked up my hold book (Rosalind Miles "Guenevere Queen of the Summer Country"). Back home, I tidied up the playroom and vacuumed it and our family room. Then I changed sheets. I'm getting ready to give the kids a snack and we're waiting for Ashley to come over. Maybe then I can knit. Cause I have done any of that yet today! Phew.

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Laura said...

I hope you found some knitting time in your day!