Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hiphiphooray for Self-discipline

I put the kids in bed last night around 8pm. I had a few emails sitting and waiting for replies but I promised myself I wouldn't get online until I had completed the second armhole in my Pel. So I did that and wow, I'm on the final stretch of the body of this sweater! Only 50cm more to go and I'll be working on the sleeves. It's cold this morning, too, like 37 or something, so I could really use this sweater right now. (Of course it's predicted to be back up to 70F by mid-week. Go figure. More illnesses on the way. We really need to consider moving to a place where it gets cold and stays cold. I don't know if I can live like this for the rest of my life!)

My plans for today: feed kids, clean up playroom (you cannot imagine how quickly 3 children can wreck a room - it amazes me every time) because Ash is coming over later with her kids, put away laundry from yesterday, run to the library to pick up a book that is on hold for me and get milk while I'm out, knit.

Kids' plans for me today:

Delaney: teach me to knit and curl my hair
Tinna: paint my fingernails and toenails
William: nothing

And there you have it. Our big exciting Saturday!

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