Sunday, November 25, 2007


For months now Delaney has been asking to have her hair curled. I finally did it for her today. I guess it was a girly glam day. Not much else going on so I trimmed and polished their nails and curled their hair. Photos below.

Quiet, quiet, quiet day. Besides bathing the kids and the hair/nail thing, all I did was knit. (Yay, knit!) Oh, wait! I also packaged boxes that will be mailed to friends - some stateside, some abroad. I can't believe I completely forgot that part...because it took most of the morning as I still had to wrap the gifts before taping up the boxes! Sheesh. I'm seriously starting to wonder if I have the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. I lose entire chunks of my days. But, yes, I *did* get to sit quite a bit today and for that I'm so thankful. I really needed a lazy day. William was up twice last night so I didn't get a night of solid sleep.

Photos...William stuck on the railing yesterday (another "Bwahahaha!" moment!), Delaney and Tinna's pretty curls. Since Tinna's hair is curly naturally, it really didn't do much but make her hair look smoother.

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