Friday, November 23, 2007

Our turkey and a few new pix

I didn't get to upload any photos last night so I thought I would do so now.

Quiet day but productive for me. I did my standard 5 loads of laundry, vacuumed AND raked part of the yard where one tree is *almost* bare. The kids wanted their rakes to rake a pile for I thought "What the heck, we all need fresh air" and I went out, too. It's cold today...mid-40's. Delaney's fever is gone and the way I see it, the colder temperatures will probably kill the virus, so I brought her out to play as well.

Our 15 lb turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving! I know it looks odd to see the girls half-naked at the table but it was 80F outside and hot as heck in our kitchen from me cooking all day!

The one bare tree in our yard.


Throwing leaves in the yard today.

I'll leave you with one final image...

One of the twinkies dared Delaney to climb onto the roof of this house. So she did. And she got stuck. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! After a few minutes of torturing her by laughing and running for the camera, I helped her down.

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