Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's cold!

OMG is it cold here this morning! I was up at 5:50 to walk Henry and I thought I would freeze to death. Anne Lise, I know you are laughing at've already had snow in Norway, but after living in warm places for so many years, I think this first winter further north is going to do me in!

It must have been below 40F when I was outside. The grass was covered with frost...our first real frost! The past few mornings, I've stayed up after our walk but not today! I ran right back into bed...didn't even stop to turn on my coffee pot. Brrr! The bed was still warm (thanks to the bed buddy I've started heating up at night now) and I snuggled right back in. William got up around 6:50...I was almost asleep again. He went out to play in the playroom (garage) but I just did not want to get out from under my duvet!

Right now everyone is up and I'm dreading the thought of getting in the shower. I guess it's time to get my coffee and face the day.

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