Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What I did today

Quite a bit of putzing around the house, trying to clean up messes and such. Once we got Delaney on the bus for school, we went to Michael's (craft store) to pick up some "Funkins", which are carvable plastic pumpkins. These will be the heads of the scarecrows in our front yard. Up to this point, our scarecrows have been headless, so now that Halloween is only a few days away, we figured we better give them heads. Funkins at Michaels were 50% off. Perfect!

After Michael's, we stopped at Wal-Mart. I needed some pint jars for the applesauce I was going to can later in the day. No luck. Bought a few groceries and some glow-in-the-dark spray paint. (more on that below). From Wal-Mart, we went over to Target so I could look there for canning jars. Got them. Then we went to another strip mall looking for a Halloween store that someone mentioned in passing. The store was not there so I ran into TJ Max to look for some Perlier Honey Bath and Shower Cream. I tried some of this in was in Alison's shower and it made my skin feel so soft. Luxurious. She told me to look in TJ Max or Marshall's for it but that it wasn't always available. Today, I was in luck...there was one big bottle left! One more stop after TJ Max...a wig shop. No wigs for me, we just needed some of those white Styrofoam heads for the banshees that are going to hang in the trees in our front yard. Hence the need for glow-in-the-dark spray paint as well. To make the banshees show up. I promise, I'll try to take pictures.

Back home. Put away groceries. Started to peel and core the apples. While slicing them on the mandolin (slicer), I managed to slice off a bit of my right hand pinkie and nail. It never fails. EVERY DAMN TIME I use that thing, I cut a finger open. There was lots of blood but thankfully none went into the apples. ;-) I bandaged up, Steve finished up the slicing for me. I took an Aleve and the pain hasn't been too bad tonight.

I still haven't taken the time to upload the NY photos to Flickr...maybe tomorrow. Below is a shot of the 4 pints of applesauce I canned up tonight. Yummy! Tomorrow it's apple butter made from the NY apples. I must say, I LOVE canning. I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I see the jars sitting on the counter and cooling. I wonder if my grandmothers felt the same way or if cooking was just a chore for them? I often see it as a spiritual act that connects me to my disir (female protective spirits or female ancestors) and strengthens my family.

Some photos: applesauce. Tinna the snow bunny. since I can't have a cat of my own I now have a cat bird feeder and an angel cat birdhouse.


Anonymous said...

Busy, busy! Tried to call but, you are out taking the twins to pre-school. Call me when you can.

Anonymous said...

You must be your father's daughter. He, sliced his thumb the first time he tried to use a mandolin. Those things should be outlawed!! Kathy