Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin implosion!

Yep. Just what it says. We came home last night and the house smelled funny. I couldn't put my finger on what the smell was. I figured it was mustiness from being empty for 4 days. This morning, the smell was worse and rather fishy smelling. We walked around looking for fish pieces (because I had made seafood cioppino before we left)...but I am usually picky about clean-up after a meal...especially a seafood or fish meal! I was thinking that I would mop the floor just in case there was some spilled fish juice I missed. For some reason, I walked over to the hoosier and noticed a placemat with some liquid on it. Weird. I was quick to think my husband had spilled his coffee again, I admit it. I thought he spilled and walked away, leaving the mess for me. But I could smell The Smell over there so I started sniffing everything...and then I saw it. Liquid in the Kitchen Aid's mixing bowl. I couldn't figure out how the hell that got there until I looked up. There was the rotting pumpkin on the top shelf, imploded on itself and dripping. I had to throw away a large Longaberger Tissue basket...100 bucks...tossed because it has pumpkin rot all over it. Damnit! Our top shelf has a big soggy pumpkin juice ring on it and smells. I put it outside but I think it will have to be thrown away. (of course we were at IKEA YESTERDAY!!!) Have I said I hate pumpkins? Seriously. They have no business being in houses. Delaney and the twins just picked up these pumpkins on Thursday morning. Who wouldda guessed one of them would deteriorate so rapidly over the week-end?! Gross.

Besides the pumpkin smell and a HUGE fight with Delaney about wearing her new shoes to school, the day has been pretty uneventful so far. Henry is home and looks adorable in his new Halloween scarf. (he was groomed at the boarding place) Steve is cleaning out the car right now and I'm puttering around wondering where I should start with the mess in this house!

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Anonymous said...

When we got our pumpkins like 4 days after we got them & 2 days after we put it out side. Akemi's pumpkin started to cave in on one side and is soft. And our big pumpkin started to get a rotten spot on the side so, I had to carve it so, it wouldn't spread. Ugh!