Sunday, October 07, 2007

How much is too much?

Or maybe I should title this "Protecting our children"...because this news article makes me SICK. How many times should someone get arrested before officials can finally throw away the key? William Joe Mitchell has *14* prior arrests (yes, not all are sexually related) and is obviously not a contributing member of society. He is a menace and I hope he never sees the light of day again. As a survivor of sexual abuse and a mother of 3 little children, it is people like him that strike terror in my heart. People like him that make me check my children constantly when they are playing in their own fenced backyard. I don't have much more to say except he's a bastard and I hope he rots.

On a happier note...we have more light in the kitchen now as Steve has FINALLY completed the wiring to our new lamp! I guess this means I have to clean off the counter and keep it clean, eh? Today the plan is to work up in the attic. We still have boxes that have not been unpacked and the whole place just needs to be rearranged in general.

We tried our first curry from an Indian restaurant in Ghent last night. I must admit, for the price we paid, I was disappointed...I have been looking forward to a good curry for quite a few months now! Where is the cheap, tasty, Indian grub around here??? In Northern VA, we had a little hole-in-the-wall place we would go to on a regular basis. It wasn't fancy, it wasn't expensive, and it wasn't bad by any means. What Hampton Roads needs is a small hole-in-the-wall place...preferably near my house. =)

Delaney woke me up about 20 minutes ago with "Mommy! I have a loose tooth!" I'm not completely convinced because it looks like she is really trying to force it...but she is at the right age so, maybe it is getting ready to fall out! I'll keep you posted on that.

It's very foggy today. I heard temps are supposed to hit mid-upper 80s. Will summer never end in VA? I really need the humidity to go away! We are all so much happier when it is cooler. We've had a lot of birds in the yard since we put up a second feeder. Our first pair of cardinals (my personal favourite) showed up on 10/4 and I always take time to watch them. The male is absolutely gorgeous. I'll try to get a nice picture to upload.

On the knitting front: I'm working away on my Pel sweater and I just ordered yarn for my next project last night. I might be putting down the Pel for a little while as this is something I want to make for a friend for Yule. I cannot say much more about it until after it's done as I know she reads my blog now and then. Now everyone is wondering "Is it me? What's she going to make ME?!" Ha!

Need to run. The coffee goddesses are calling me to the pot.


Ash said...

Hey! Did you all go to Rajput in Ghent? We went for lunch a while agao, it was alright.
Evan lost his 2nd tooth last night.
I am still working on my Sal shrug. I thought I did something wrong last night but, I think I figured it out. LOL!
We have to get the kids together again soon.

Liudwih said...

Most Indian around here is pretty pricey. But I know a place to get a great curry. Its called "Chez Liudwih" Not fancy at all. Not the best food but not bad for free;-) And there is a TV for the kids!

Shannon said...

Ash: yes, we went to Rajput. Come over Weds morning again if you want...we'll be here!

Liudwih: I'll be right there! =^)