Friday, September 07, 2007

The week in review

Nothing too witty from me today. I just got home after a morning of taking the twins to the YMCA pre-school open house and then Delaney to school. I've been tired and pretty much unmotivated all week. I have managed to knit on my sweater quite a bit in the evenings and it's coming along well. Yesterday I brought the computer keyboard into the front room to start entering CD titles into the CD Changer. I only got about 20 or so done (out of more than 400!) and so I have another big mess in that room now.

The walking to and from Delaney's school is going fine. After we drop her off, we walk for about 30 more minutes. I took it easy today as my shins are starting to bother me. I'm really looking forward to having the week-end off! I was curious as to how far I'm going so I searched around and found my pedometer yesterday...but the battery needs to be replaced. I hope to do that this afternoon (of course it's a watch battery and I don't have a spare on hand) and then next week I should know my daily mileage or at least number of steps and can go from there. I also ordered a rain cover for my jogging stroller yesterday. No excuses now, eh? The only reason to drive to school would be due to wind speeds, flying debris, or flood conditions. (And blizzards don't count, either. I can't tell you the kinds of inclement weather I struggled through when I was in grad school! And that was my healthiest year ever - not one cold in 12 months! I'm convinced walking and fresh air matter.)

I think the YMCA pre-school is going to be **wonderful** for the twins. Each month they will focus on learning 3 letters, a colour, and a shape. They will have a field trip or special activity (ie, in November there will be a Thanksgiving Feast in which THEY prepare the food) each month. September's field trip is to a Fire Station. Their swimming lessons will begin in two weeks. William is upset about having to stay at the Y without me or Delaney...but when the counselors took the kids into the gym this morning, he didn't look back at me so I felt that was a good sign. Of course, Delaney was with him so that maybe he'll feel differently about it next week. He was completely worn out in the 1 hour they played so now I'm wondering if he's going to start napping again in the afternoons?! Tinna, of course, came back smiling and jumping up and down.

Lunchtime now. Then we are off to the Commissary for some groceries while Delaney is in school. Not sure about this week-end...maybe beach tomorrow. I think they are calling for rain at some point on Sunday so we might actually get work done INSIDE our house this week-end! Steve started working on new lighting for me in the kitchen but that got stalled with the day-in-day-outs of the week. I'll keep you posted.

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