Wednesday, September 05, 2007

In honour of Huldafolk

In Iceland, it's quite common to see "troll houses" scattered here and there. These houses range from quite simple: a piece of plywood cut in the shape of a house resting against a rock, to elaborate: a multi-eaved house complete with furniture and decorations inside. A number of Icelanders still believe in and honour the huldafolk. A tradition I think is wonderful as it keeps minds open to all possibilities! Since we just moved into our new home and have not had the time to build our own troll house (yet), I did manage to make a simple faerie house last week. It's clearly not the best. I had difficulty breaking the pottery in just the right place for the doorway. But, intentions were good and I think our land spirits will understand. The kids thought our faeries would like sand at their house. I wasn't so sure but Delaney dumped it before I could stop her. We've also installed a "wind chime" at the front of the house...made out of a broken earring we found over at the ball field. It's shiny and pretty and any faerie would be proud to own it!

White troll house in Keflavik.

Troll house at the "Christmas House" in Akureyri

Another example of a troll house at the "Christmas House" in Akureyri. These were highly decorated and had little troll dolls living inside.

Our faery house.


Rose said...

Nice faery house. Maybe it needs a mailbox?

Aunt Lori said...

Some house paint and landscaping wouldn't hurt either. Penn State Barbie could be their neighbor! She would like a multi-level townhouse with a wrap-around deck. Better get moving on that before cold weather sets in!

Shannon said...

Rose: Hmmm. I think the kids would break it. But maybe we'll make a mail slot in the troll house front door!

Lori: You can lend your painting skills whenever you come to visit us (when will that be, btw???)! And as for Penn State Barbie, well, it's a good thing Mel is coming down at the beginning of November. Maybe he can set her up with what she wants. Oh, did you know PSU Barbie left Ken for Cher? (yeah, I still have MY Cher barbie from the 70's!!!)