Sunday, September 09, 2007

Can you guess?

Where we went yesterday? Yep. Dam Neck Beach...again! Love that place. This time when we drove up, the parking lot was almost empty. While lack of people is always good, it took us a few minutes to realize that it was because last week-end was Labor Day. Now, there are no lifeguards on duty and the changing rooms are locked. Thankfully, there were some port-o-pottys available and the outdoor showers are still working. I made sure we arrived during low-tide this time and we had a great day again. Earlier in the week, I invited two friends to spend the day with us...both already had plans and I was a bit bummed about that. Imagine my surprise when Mo came up behind me and whispered "Heyyyy girl!" in my ear! Yay!!! So, I ended up with a few hours of girly time after all. NICE surprise. Also, Tinna was forced to walk along the edge of the water and by the end of the day, she was digging in the sand and building a moat with Delaney, William, and Daddy...and I'm hoping her fear of the waves is now gone. So, after Mo left, all of the kids were busy with Dad and I sat alone and knitted. Oh, and watched the Navy Blue Angels fly overhead...because there was an air show over at Oceana! After the beach, we had a nice dinner at Friendly's, complete with ice cream.

So, that's pretty much our week-end. It's gray today but hot and super muggy. I guess it's because of the storm that's churning in on North Carolina (Gabrielle). I just got finished making a plum tart and chicken soup. I'm planning on freezing some of the soup for those days when it's getting cold or we are feeling a bit under the weather. Lucky for me, my husband hooked up my deep freezer last week and now I can start filling it up again. It's been unavailable to me since we left FL and man, am I happy I have a place for it in this house.

Here are some pictures from our day yesterday.


Digging the moat

More moat

Look! I grew!!!

Tinna asleep in the car on the ride home.

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