Friday, September 21, 2007

TV ramblings and other junk in my head

Ok, so I might be a bit behind the times here but as I was getting ready to log into my yahoo account earlier, I noticed the name "Michelle Ryan" listed on Yahoo's Most Popular Searches. I thought "Hmm. That sounds like the name of a girl who was on EastEnders a few years ago" and I clicked it to check it out, you know, thinking there is just no possible way it is the same person. Wow, what a great surprise...the very same girl (woman!) who played Zoe Slater is now playing the Bionic Woman! Waaaa Hooo! I saw a spot for the show a week or so ago but I wasn't paying much attention and I didn't realize it was her. Now I'm really psyched. Bionic Woman was one of my favorite shows in the '70's - heck I even had a Bionic Woman jigsaw puzzle and Barbie-style doll (I think that is still in my dad's attic!). There's not much that could make this better for me than having a great British actress play B.W. again in the 2000s!!

Let's see...other TV views...I tuned in to "Back to You" earlier this week. Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Kelsey Grammer (Frasier)...must say I thought it would be a bit better than what it was but it beats watching some of the other crap that's on at night. Also, I set the DVR for the new "Survivor" but haven't watched it yet. Looking forward to that for tomorrow night or Monday, maybe.

There's really not much to report. The weather has been yucky. Very humid and in the 80's today. It rained off and on and we had the most depressing gray skies over us. I think there's more of the same predicted for tomorrow. Ick. I did manage to walk close to 3 miles today. I took the twins out for close to an hour after we dropped off Delaney at school. They love to walk around and see things...there's a little stream up the street where they think Mermaids live so they always have to make a stop up there to check it out.

Oh! I almost forgot. Thank you Liudwih for that GREAT waffle sandwich recipe. I'll post it below for anyone who is interested. The kids LOVED dinner tonight. "Breakfast for Dinner"...I always do this when I'm getting burned out and just cannot stand the thought of making another pasta or chicken dinner.

And now for the crap in my head (hahaha! You are sitting there thinking you already read the crap! Nah, it's just beginning!) I saw this story on Yahoo News today. I found it quite amusing and wondered if maybe someone has been reading my blog too often. See what you think by clicking here.

Healthy Waffle Sandwich Recipe

2 frozen waffles
1 or 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter
Banana slices
Apple slices

Spread peanut butter on waffle then add apple and banana sllices. Top with 2nd waffle and grill as you would a Grilled Cheese sandwich. Eat and enjoy! (I made our sandwiches on my George Forman Grill. Easy easy easy and the kids loved them!

And that, my friends, is the end of the post for today.


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