Monday, September 24, 2007

Our week-end

I've been so busy this week-end that I'm having difficulties beginning this post!

Friday, Delaney threw a major fit on the way to school. She no longer wants to walk but would rather ride a bus. Hmm. I'm not sure what I'll do about that...probably give in just to save myself the headache of listening to her complain all the way to school each day. At any rate, after we delivered the resident princess to school, the twins and I took an hour-long walk. We totalled close to 3 miles that day and had a nice time together.

Saturday, the kids and I went out to a Pagan Pride festival in Virginia Beach. I got to see some of my friends, the kids participated in a coin hunt and won prizes. They had "tattoos" painted on their arms. There were lots of other kids for them to run around with. It was hot as heck and extremely humid so that was a downer, but we all still had fun. There were quite a few vendors and I came home with a very unique tea mug (not quite big enough for coffee) and two new mushrooms for in the front flower bed. I'm quite partial to mushrooms and I think I'll soon have to start a "mushroom garden" somewhere in the yard.

Yesterday, we drove up to Newport News so I could go to the Ulta store for some skincare. We had lunch at the Olive Garden (soup, salad, bread sticks), then headed over to Trader Joe's to see what kind of stuff they have in there. Everyone raves about the place but I thought it was a little pricey. We did end up with a few bottles of wine and a great little box of licorice. After Trader Joe's we went to Lowe's for a garden hose and some wire so Steve can finish this new kitchen light. While leaving Lowe's, we saw a large Halloween store and had to stop by that. Cool stuff, we found a few new decorations for our house and I'll post photos of that stuff in a week or two...we're still working out the plans for this year. Sooo, back home for dinner (hot dogs/french fries, it was late, I was tired!) and then back out to the Dollar Tree to look at their Halloween selection. Did I mention my husband is a HUGE Halloween freak?!?! At the Dollar Tree, I found some long fall leaves garland that I'm going to use around the front porch handrails.

Holy crap. I'm tired. Steve is home today and tomorrow so right now, I'm drinking my coffee and he and Delaney are making blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I soon have to get moving so I can go walk Henry, get my shower, run out for bread - blah blah blah. He's going to have lunch with Delaney at school so that will be fun for her.

Oh, on the sweater front...I've completed my first armhole! Waaa-hoo! It's relaxing and fun. I'm so glad I started it.




Coin hunt

Our friend, Svan

Running through the woods

New tea mug

New mushroom

New mushroom

The start of a mushroom garden!


Liudwih said...

I think their normal food is pricey. But for veggie/specialty foods thay are really reasonable. But for day to day food shopping it is way to pricey.

You need a vacation.

Shannon said...

I'm sure I would have noticed that had I been able to look without children pestering me. The place was packed, too.

Vacation. What's that? Both you and I know that's not happening anytime soon for me.

Debbie B said...

Stop crying....your getting a vacation soon. You get to spend 9 hours in the car, spend two days visiting and then spend another 9 hours in the car. Doesnt that constitute a vacation???

Shannon said...

Ooooh, it'll be just like the "vacation" we had when we drove cross-country!!! I can't wait.

"I have to peeee!"
"Are we there YET???"
"How much longer?"
"I don't want to watch Barney!"