Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The sweet nibble of freedom...

I love the YMCA. I love Kindergarten. I love the fact that now that school has started I get to spend more times with my kids individually AND have time alone. This morning was the first day of school for William and Tinna. William refused to carry his backpack to the car and mumbled "I don't WANT to go to school!" all the way there. He wouldn't pose for his picture in front of the Y when we got there, either. I didn't get upset. I knew he didn't want to be there...he made that clear last week...and all week-end. Pre-school starts around 9:15 and we arrived to school around 8:55 (like always, I was aiming to be a bit early for a 9:00 start, but now I know)....so I hung around in the gym with the kids. Delaney played with Tinna and the other kids. William warmed up after a few minutes of clinging to me like a monkey. He got down and ran around kicking a ball with me. When it was time to go, Tinna said "Bye Mama", hugged me and ran away. William got ahold of my leg and didn't want to let go. "Nooooo! I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!!!" and then the tears came. A teacher pried him off me and I took Delaney and quickly walked away. He was completely happy when I picked him up at noon. His tears lasted about 10 minutes according to one of the 4 year old teachers I know from there.

After dropping off the twins, Delaney and I ran to Kroger...I needed some bread and milk. Then we came back home and she made a card for her teacher (she loves her teacher and school) while I started some laundry...then we actually had time to read together for about 20 minutes. I took her to school and walked back home...playing my MP3. Music. Walking. Not pushing a stroller or yelling at anyone.

Once I was home, I was ALONE. ALL ALONE. Ahhhh, sweet quietness. What should I do?! I debated getting in the car and driving up to the thrift shop. I've been wanting to go for some time now but instead, I made a cuppa and READ. The Franzen book I borrowed yesterday...to myself. Alone. Did I mention, ALONE?! I only had about 40 minutes until it was time to pick up the twins again, but still, it was my first taste of how it will be when everyone is in school next year. Instead of 45 minutes twice a week, next year it will be 3 hours each day 4 times each week! Wooo hoo! 12 hours a week! I can hardly wait! Lessons learned today: get all grocery shopping/errand running done with Delaney in tow. DRIVE her to school on Tues/Thurs, even though that means forfeiting part of my new daily walking routine. If I drive her to school, I can head out immediately (if I want to go somewhere and not just home - in that case I would certainly walk) and maximize my alone time. Within a 1 or 2 mile radius, I have available: public library, mall, Wal-Mart, Target, 3 thrift/second hand shops, and a used bookstore. I'm sure there's more I haven't discovered yet.

Perhaps all of this alone-time celebration talk seems horrid to you? I love my children. I'd die for them. But, in my defense, I'll say, raising 3 of them all about the same age is taxing. The twins have really taken it out of me. I'm cranky and grumpy and tired all of the time. There's not much energy to give back to my spouse. And it's not often I get *any* time alone during the day. Also, I've been known to hate my husband because he has a daily commute with no children in his car. Who can complain about sitting in traffic ALONE with a radio or CD player?! The only people you need to yell at are the stupid ones you'll probably never see again.

Anyway...here are a few photos I was able to snap this morning.

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Rose said...

Congratulations; what wonderful news. I'm sure the kids love their little bits of freedom too. Now you're getting the best of both worlds! I'm so happy for you.