Monday, September 24, 2007

Thrift Store City

Seriously. My new favourite place! For $20.01...2 dresses, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of socks (all of these except 1 dress are for a witch in our yard), 1 pair of "Moon Shoes", 1 hulla hoop, 1 Santa goodie bowl, a sun design terra cotta thermometer for in the yard (these are about $15 or $20 at Lowe's!), and 1 field hockey stick.

Below are photos from the yard...which we spent all afternoon decorating. Halloween has arrived...even if it is 80F outside and still September. =) The kids are so excited this year.

I started teaching Delaney how to hold a field hockey stick this afternoon. I taught her a "push pass", how to stop a ball, and how to "drive" the ball down the field. Of course she wanted to spend our time driving the ball over and over again. I was surprised how quickly she took to it, though, so hopefully I'll have a mini-me who plays field hockey down the road. Rose, if you are reading this, can you tell me when hockey season starts here in VA? In PA we always played in the fall only.

Oh! Sue...I *finally* heard back from Girl Scouts today (after sending them a nasty-gram last Thursday)...the lady left a message while we were outside. Apparently they are just now (tonight) holding their organizational meeting! We should know what troop we'll be attached to in the next day or two. At least I know my $10 hasn't gotten lost in webspace somewhere.

Here are today's photos - be sure to pay attention at the witch near the end. Her head is actually hanging in the tree. She's been decapitated!

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Rose said...

Hi Shannon,
Go, Delaney--you look awesome with a hockey stick! I don't know when field hockey season is in VA, exactly...for high school and college girls, it's fall. For kids, not sure. Guys don't play f.h. much in Virginia. For my son Peter, it's now through the spring! He's playing co-ed club field hockey, and loves it.