Saturday, September 01, 2007

New shoes

Wow, so many things to write about tonight and I'm a little bit grumpy, so bear with me. I just don't know where to start. Maybe with yesterday...

Steve called me around 4pm from the airport. I needed to go get him because his bags went missing on his return flight and his car keys were in them. Yay. So, that was the first trip to the airport and then dinner out at "Jumbo Buffet"...a new chinese/asian buffet in Portsmouth that we've discovered. We've eaten there two Friday nights in a row now and the waitress remembered what drinks we ordered last time. Gotta love the Chinese and their awesome memories!!!

Woke up this morning around 6:55. Got up and turned on the coffee. Actually had about 15 minutes to read all alone. Amazing. I can't tell you how nice it is when the house is quiet and the sun is up. It reminds me of those days before kids when every week-end was spent drinking coffee with a book in my lap. Because, you know, the man doesn't get up unless it's absolutely necessary. I'm not like that. My sleeping in is normally 7:30, max. I guess I'm a morning gal.

SO, quiet morning. I had to meet a woman at 9:15 to give her a ball pit I listed on After that, we headed over to the close NEX and Commissary. Originally, I only wanted to go for some groceries, but we decided to do the NEX while we were there and look about sneakers for the kids since they all need them for school. Kids were a little bit crazy in the store but had fun picking out their shoes and trying them on. Tinna walked away with *2* new pair. She's a shoe whore just like me, I swear. She's my girly girl. You can see their picks in the photos below.

Commissary was packed since it is the first of the month but we got what we needed. I'm so glad we went. It's definitely a small, older commissary but they have almost everything I want except Henry's dog food and Annie's Goddess Dressing. Meat prices are about half of what I was paying at Wal-Mart or Kroger. Everything else was significantly less, too. It will definitely be worth the extra 10 minutes out of my way each week.

After Commissary, back home for lunch. I convinced Steven to mow the yard because it felt pretty cool outside this afternoon. Kids swam for a short while, water temps are getting cold now so they don't stay in long. I did some weeding in the front yard flower beds. Oh, and we waited for about *5* hours for Steven's luggage to be delivered. They called us around 1pm and said it was on it's way and would only take about 30 to 45 minutes. It arrived after 6pm.

Since the luggage was here and dinner was just finishing up, we all jumped in my car (even Henry) and drove back to the airport to get Steven's car. We came back to our neck of the woods and had ice cream at the local ice cream parlor. I met a nice lady there who is a teacher at one of the new high schools around here. She also works at the community college in the evenings. When we were leaving, she gave me her card and said she'd help me get my teaching accreditation classes started whenever I was ready. I'm definitely going to email her and keep in touch but I'm not so sure I'm ready to go back to school yet. I will, however, check out the VA Dept of Education as she suggested and see just what I need to do to be able to work in school libraries. Heck, all I want to do is catalog and process books. I really don't want to have to deal with students too much. I wonder why it's so difficult to find a job like that?!?! I could really kick David in the nads for making me turn down that entry-level cataloging job with the Census Bureau 14 years ago. A**hole. of the kids. I was heading out the side door to check the pool filter yesterday. I opened up the door and HELLO BORIS! right in front of me completely across the doorway. Amazingly, I didn't scream, just snapped a few photos. Other photos of new shoes.

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Those shoes are adorable. Do they come in my size? Grammy