Friday, August 31, 2007

On my sticks...

I have no business blogging right now. It's 7:48 a.m. as I begin this and Delaney's school orientation starts at 9:30. Tinna is still in bed. I'm the only one dressed. I told the kids "no tv in the morning" when they went to bed last night, but Delaney and William are watching "The Little Mermaid" on Disney Channel. Oh well. I guess I could be a worse mom, right? (C'mon, justify it, Shannon)

I wrote a few weeks ago about receiving my new yarn, L├ętt Lopi from Iceland, in the colour "Black Sheep". Oooh, is WONDERFUL! I started on my sweater last week so I'm posting a photo of what it looks like so far. It's a bit slow going, seeing that it's been years and years since I last knit anything, and also because I picked a pattern that is completely *k2,p2* (knit 2, purl 2), which means constantly switching the yarn from the front to the back of the work. But, I'm enjoying it. My only question is, once I get it finished and slip it on, does the scene shown in the book come to life, too? Nice quiet cafe and a steamy hot cup of coffee in downtown Reykjavik! I could go for that right now!!!

We never went to the aquarium with the twins club this week. After looking at their website, I decided it is probably best I wait for back-up on this one. Steve will be home this afternoon so I'm not sure what the week-end will bring. Possibly a day at the beach and definitely some house/yard work! The grass is embarassingly long.

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