Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The wait is finally over and Kindergarten has officially started. When I picked up Delaney after school and asked how it went, she said "Great!" and then proceeded to talk about it for the rest of the afternoon. Personally, I can't believe how lonely I was with her gone. The twins were really quiet and didn't even want to do much. I'm hoping that will change. Maybe we'll hit the library or something tomorrow. School for them doesn't start until next Tuesday.

Forgot to mention that Steve bought fishing rods for all 3 kids at Wal-Mart yesterday. They had a blast casting and pretending to fish in our pool...of which the temperatures are now hovering somewhere around 74F! Brrrr! The kids were in it this afternoon but I think this is it for the season. We'll be taking it down next week-end.

Below are pictures of the day.

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Rose said...

What great pictures. Guaranteed to warm the heart of any parent. Maybe make us shed a few tears, too.