Thursday, September 13, 2007

Freedom, Part II

Today, I was smart. =) Delaney and I dropped the twins off at the YMCA around 9:10. After a few kicks and throws of the balls, we dashed out and did our grocery shopping. Back home to put away the cold items and into the car to take Delaney over to school. (Appx 11:05) Here is what I accomplished in my 45 minutes today...

A stop at Rite Aid...looking for Juice Organics skin care. They didn't have it (CVS carries it and we have no CVS here) so I ended up with some goat's milk hand cream and two callus remover products for my feet. Back in the car and headed 1 block up the street to Dollar Tree. Quick walk around in there looking for snow globes because Delaney collects them. No luck. No purchase. Down the strip mall (walking) to CHKD Thrift Shop. Hit the jackpot. Could have spent a LOT more than I did. I ended up with two velour sweaters for me ($3.96 each), a Power Rangers jacket for William ($2.96) and some knock-off Portmeirion pottery for the kitchen (a sugar bowl to replace the one we bought at WalMart on Sunday and broke on the way home and a little utensil pot that I don't know if I will use but it matched and I liked it, so I'll probably find a use for it somewhere besides the kitchen. .55 each.)

While paying for my purchases at CHKD, I had a premonition that I was about to be in a car accident. Weird. I tried not to think about it. The actual thought was "Ok. It's 11:45. I hope I don't get hit or I'll be late picking up the twins and I don't have the YMCA phone number in my cell phone." To my dismay, as I was backing out of my parking space, the lady directly behind me began to back out of hers. I was almost completely out when she started moving but she wasn't stopping!!! I had to honk my horn twice before she even looked in her rear-view mirror. Thankfully, she *did* stop in time and didn't hit me but I'm positive it was only centimeters between our cars. Car accident crisis averted and one or two choice words later and I was on my way. No other incidents to report, but it does appear today is idiot day on the roads so be careful if you are driving.

Later today we have the inspector guy coming to take photos of the things that were broken during our move. That's scheduled for around 4. Steve should be home by then. Hopefully it will only take an hour, then we can get dinner (take away tonight) and we are heading back over to CHKD because I saw two kid's bikes there that are in good shape and only $14.95 each. The twins are beyond their tricycles and they get frustrated having to share Delaney's bike. She's almost two big for her two-wheeler anyway. I saw a nice PINK Strawberry Shortcake bike that she will like so we will stop up there to see if it's still for sale. Soon I will have to break down and buy a bike for myself. It's one thing running beside the kids on tricycles and quite another once they have 2 wheels for speed. I'm not a runner and I don't want to be, either.

Today's photos: William trying on his new Power Rangers jacket (a bit big but he'll grow), my two new-to-me sweaters, will the REAL Portmeirion please stand up?, Will & Tinna's art work from school. Their teacher is realllllly impressed with Tinna's colouring skills!

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