Friday, September 14, 2007

New bikes!

I wasn't going to post anything quite this early in the morning (it's 7:40 here, despite what my blogger clock says) but I might as well before we get too busy here today.

The broken-stuff-inspector-guy didn't show up last night. Our appointment was for 4pm. At 4:45, I phoned him to see if I made a mistake with the day. He was sitting in traffic. Apparently there was an overturned tractor-trailer on the highway and he would be hours. I guess he wasn't going to call us to let us know know, rather, we should just sit here and waste time waiting instead. Already, I'm not impressed. Our appointment has been moved to today at 1:45...which only gives him 45 minutes to complete the photographing of items and the paperwork before I have to go over and get Delaney from school. Grrrr. He better be on time today is all I can say.

Once we knew he wasn't going to be arriving, we drove up to the CHKD (Children's Hospital for Kings Daughters - it's a charity thrift shop. All proceeds to go the hospital) store to look at the bikes. We did purchase the small "Dora" bike for the twins but not the "Strawberry Shortcake" bike for Delaney. That one had a few more problems than what I noticed (this is why I take the man along!) but there was another Murray bike there that we bought for her. Also, I was COMPLETELY wrong in my pricing of the bikes. I thought they were $14.95 each. Turns out that the big bike was $8.95 and the little bike was $4.95. We got them both for less than $14.95 and who can beat that?! I think that's great for beater bikes that will be left out in the rain or banged around in who-knows what way! Back home for dinner then out again to WalMart. Both bikes needed training wheels. While at WalMart, I saw the very same "Dora" bike. The price was $49! Score another one for me, I just saved us $45 yesterday.

I don't have any photos yet as the bikes are still in the back of the car. Best to keep them there until Steve can work on them (tonight, perhaps). I know the kids really want to ride them and I don't want to deal with the begging and fighting that will occur if they are in view.

Auntie Lori will be visiting us tomorrow. Waaa-hoo! Guess I better clean up the house today, eh? Let me go get started on that and maybe I'll write again later if I have the time.

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