Sunday, August 12, 2007

ooooh, what a man!

My husband fixed my bread machine pan. The new one, that as he pointed out, was bent before it was sent to me. I'm so glad he saw the problem and was able to fix it. I've had a lot of trouble with store-bought bread in the past week. I guess it is due to the humidity and heat. Steve brought home a loaf last week that was moldy the whole way through. When I was at Kroger yesterday, I looked at a loaf on the shelf that was already starting to mold, even though it was still in it's sell-by zone. I'm not purchasing bulk-made bread until the weather cools off. After I saw that one, I just paid the extra for a bakery-made loaf. Now that my machine is fixed, I shouldn't have moldy bread problems for a long time! What a man!

We spent today at the Children's Museum of VA. Great place. The kids loved it. They have an incredible model train exhibit! We bought a year pass. (One visit costs us $30...a year-long pass is $55 with unlimited visits!) Now I have somewhere to take the kids when the weather is unfriendly or when we just need a change of scene. The greatest part - it's a relatively short 15-20 minute drive right into down to Portsmouth. There are even a few coffee joints around there so we could go for a stroll and look at some of the old buildings, too, and I could drink coffee! Fun, fun.

I'll have a full report with pictures tomorrow. Right now, it's time to get kiddies in bed.

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