Monday, August 13, 2007

My personal "Blue Lagoon" and more!

As I said in my last entry, we went to the Children's Museum of VA yesterday and had a great time. We got back home around 5:00 and the kids wanted to play outside. Steven had put some new sand in the sandbox on Saturday so they were excited about that. Anyway, we were inside, they were outside...I was cooking dinner, Steven was working on our damage claim that is due, you know, by TOMORROW...all was quiet. That's when the trouble always begins, right? Steven went out to check on the kids and came back inside rather upset. Apparently they decided to put sand in the pool and the water, which was FINALLY crystal clear, was now completely white. I have my own personal Blue Lagoon. We debated draining the pool and decided against it...we'd like to see if vacuuming and filtering will solve the problem in a few days. I vacuumed out at least 10 little bags of sand today (maybe 1 medium bucket worth) but the water is still cloudy. I can't even see the bottom of the pool. I didn't think we'd be able to swim at all but after the kids' bike ride this afternoon, I decided we should try. It is close to 90F and we really need to be able to cool off. I figured it couldn't be much worse than going to the beach and we could just come in and shower if it was horrible. Turned out it wasn't too bad, so after we swam, I tested chlorine levels, cleaned filters, and vacuumed AGAIN and I think I'll just keep on this way for another few days and see what happens. At least we'll be cool!

Below are lots of photos from our week-end and the Children's riding in the neighborhood on Saturday, a visit from Uncle Jim (more magic tricks) on Sunday morning, playing bubbles at the museum, climbing, girls pulling their own weight, Delaney dancing (that's her on the screen in both pictures), GO STEELERS!, William watching one of the train exhibits (I think there were 6 or 7 in total - maybe more), Steve passing a bubble to Delaney (bubble zone was the favorite spot of the day), and my very own "Blue Lagoon."


Rose said...

What a great find! Your own, local museum for the kids. The Children's Museum and the Science Museum in Richmond are great, but it sounds like what you have in Portsmouth is just as good. So glad you have one nearby!
Steven rocks--bread machine fix-it-man! Now if he could only stop by Richmond and fix my expresso machine. It's hard to imagine life without it...

Shannon said...

Next time he's home I'll add it to his "honey do" list! =) Seriously, though, we sold our espresso machine when we moved to CA. We used it two times in 10 years. I just picked up a stove-top pot at IKEA in June (maybe $20). It works just as frothy milk on top but the espresso tastes good and strong. I know there are models out there where you can add milk in the top and it will give you coffee & froth but those are out of my budget these days.