Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Guys Read

Every few days I check out the Pittsburgh Post Gazette just to see what's going on in the 'burgh. Sometimes there's not much that I care to read but today, I think I've discovered a gem. There is an interesting little article about boys and reading, or more to the point, their lack of reading. Being a mom who is a bit concerned about her three and a half year old son who STILL does not know much of his alphabet (but can climb almost any object out there and tumble around like a professional gymnast), this article struck my eye. Also, to the left-hand side of the article, there is a link called "Books for Boys." This includes a few short lists of books boys enjoy and another link to a site called "Guys Read". How cool is that? A site just for boys - both little and big! Oh, and don't forget, girls dig guys who read!

I'm hoping for a relatively quiet day today. I have some laundry to do and I've already told the kids we are going to be cleaning up toys. I guess it's going to be a general clean house kind of day. Ooooh, the excitement kills me and I can't wait to get started!

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