Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alabama Slammers

These were my favourite drinks the night I turned 21. I haven't had too many since then, however! =) But here's the recipe and I found this AWESOME mixed drink website, rather accidentally. I was searching for a recipe that would combine mint Oreos and coffee and I'm not quite sure how I ended up there!

Alabama Slammer

1 ounce Sloe Gin
1 ounce Southern Comfort
3 ounces Orange Juice (or to fill)
1 ounce Amaretto

Fill a mixing glass with crushed ice. Add ingredients in order, shake and strain into shot glasses. Makes 4 shots. (or, if you are ME, 1 drink!)

Seriously, though, check out the site. I've never seen so MANY drinks listed all in one place in my life!

Quiet day today. We didn't really leave the house except to take Delaney to music camp (literally across the street) and pick her up. I did take the kids out for *2* bike rides in our 2 cul-de-sac neighborhood. That usually entails me running along behind them and yelling "Get over to the side. NOW!" They do pretty well and there isn't really much traffic down our 2 streets. We also swam twice in the "Blue Lagoon" today. It felt really cold to me. Temps read 80F, but that's down quite a bit from last week's 86F. Outside temps were awesome. It was breezy and we had very low humidity. Absolutely beautiful day!

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John said...

Mmmmmmm, Alabama Slammers... *drool*