Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The boy's hair

is really outta control these days. Sue and I were looking at him last night and I was remarking how he could possibly pass for a young Elvis. Look at those sideburns! Remarkable. It's a shame to cut hair like that!

Sue left us this morning to drive back to PA. Boo hoo. I'm so lonely now. I tried to convince her of the fact that she needs to move to VA. She wouldn't agree. "I'd need to transfer my certifications" was all she said. Hmmm. Do you think my 3 wild kids scared her off???

We received a phone call from Miss Cheryl at the public library yesterday. Turns out Tinna's name was picked as a winner in a weekly prize drawing for the summer reading program. We (finally) finished up our reading contest sheets today and headed over to dig through Miss Cheryl's treasure box. Tinna looked at almost every single prize in the box before she made her decision. I thought the pink piggy bank was a sure winner, but Tinna surprised me with her choice. See below. Will is fighting hard to gain control of this new dry erase board. Miss Cheryl has assured me that "probably almost definitely" Delaney and William's names will be picked for prizes next week.

Big plans in store for the rest of the week...a possible outing to the aquarium with the twins club on Thursday and Delaney's school orientation on Friday morning! Hard to believe my first baby will be in Kindergarten in just 1 week.

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Debbie B said...

ok...my nephew needs a haircut!!!