Thursday, August 23, 2007

Belching Moose

This has to be one of the oddest stories I have ever seen! Belching Moose actually contribute to global warming...who wouldda guessed it???

Anyway, more from me later if I find time. I have a few photos to upload. Tinna was running through the house on Tuesday and ran right into the corner of a door so she has a nice scratch and bruise line running down her face. Impressive.

I ordered *17* skeins of yarn last week and it arrived while I was in PA, so last night I made my swatch to test for gauge. Later today, I'll be embarking on my first large scale knitting project. When I was in college I only ever made hats and mittens. Now, I'll do a shawl/sweater and maybe soon, I'll get started on a pair of self-striping socks!


Rose said...

A woman at work makes the self-striping socks, and they are really, really nice. She has lots of colors! They'll look cute on you AND the kids!

Shannon said...

Yes, there are a lot of colour choices out there. I've even seen yarn that works up into an Argyle-type pattern. So neat! Still, at $17.95/skein (give or take a dollar at various shops), those are quite expensive socks! But we'll see. I'm going to get through this sweater first. Tinna is begging for a scarf and Delaney wants me to make everything she sees in the yarn catalog. Sweet girls!